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We'll customize a guided road bike trip to suit your unique needs and abilities.

All road bike outings include your bike, helmet, water and transportation!

Southern Arizona offers great biking year-round on quiet roads in the Sonoran Desert with giant saguaro and other cacti, vast grassland prairies, pine forests and the rugged rock formations of the surrounding 4 mountain chains. The area also offers rich historical traditions with the Native American San Xavier Reservation and Mission; Hispanic architecture, food and culture; and the rangeland, cowboy culture of TombstoneBisbee and other wild-west towns.

Popular Route Options


Mount Lemmon/Catalina Highway

Cycling up the Catalina Hwy. in Tucson, Arizona is an epic ride and will rival some of the best climbs across the country.

You begin at about 2,557 ft surrounded by saguaro cactus and mesquite trees and climb as high as 8,198 ft to pine tree vegetation and cool air. Mt Lemmon in Tucson, AZ is a climbers dream!

The road is in great shape with a bike lane for most of the ride. On the way down there is no need for a bike lane because you will be keeping up with traffic. If you love to climb and descend this is the ride for you!


Lance Armstrong, in his winter training months in preparation for Tour De France, rented a cabin on the top of Mt Lemmon. He would climb up the mountain to top after a long day's ride. To add 2.89 miles and 760 ft of climbing to the ride you can climb up to the Mt Lemmon Ski area. Just before Summerhaven toward the top of the ride, turn right on Ski Run Rd. If your feeling really ambitious keep on going past Mt Lemmon Ski area had to the very top which is called the towers.


​Tucson Bike Loop

With 131 miles of paved bike lanes and trails, The Loop is an urban trail system that connects parks, trailheads, bus and bike routes, hotels, restaurants, and retail and entertainment areas. The flat route flanks Pima County’s network of riverbeds, winding through natural habitat and offering scenic mountain views connecting the Rillito, Santa Cruz, and Pantano River Parks with the Julian Wash and Harrison Road Greenways.


There’s no beginning and no end – you can enter at any designated point along The Loop. The Loop is closed to motorized vehicles, so cyclists, pedestrians, and equestrians enjoy greater freedom to roam – it is also friendly to leashed dogs. There is a total of 131 miles of paths linking Tucson to its communities. The city has done an amazing job and we are so lucky to have these paths to ride bikes on, walk or run. THANKS, TUCSON!


Using The Loop you can get from one end of town to the other with no traffic or lights. For the most part, both sides of the river have a bike path so it does not matter what side of the river you are on. The river path system is a great way to cycle through the greater Tucson area and get to other various rides within Tucson without having to deal with traffic. 


Saguaro National Park Loop

Thanks to Cactus Forest Drive, a paved, one-way road that loops through 8 miles of rugged desert at an elevation of roughly 3,000 feet, visitors to this peaceful preserve are quickly immersed in our state’s most iconic assets: craggy peaks, sweeping vistas, spectacular sunsets and cactuses, cactuses, cactuses. Bicycling is allowed on the 8 mile Loop Drive as well as on two trails within the park. The Loop Drive is narrow with many tight turns and steep hills. Use extra caution when approaching the first steep downhill after going through the entrance station! Bicyclists must obey all posted speed limits and stop signs.


1-2 Guests: $200 /per person

Groups of 3 to 10 guests: $150 /per person

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