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Looking to explore the Sonoran Desert on foot as a group or solo adventure?

Let us guide you through forests of giant Saguaros and mesquite trees, canyons, ridges and mountains permeated with the unique desert smells and abundant wildlife! Our experienced local guides will share their knowledge about Arizona’s rich history, and abundant and highly adaptive flora and fauna of the area. From short easy strolls to long and steep elevation ascents from high desert to dense Pine forests, the Sonoran Desert’s amazing biodiversity is sure to have the hiking adventure for you, and our guides know how to get you there safely. Our hiking guides are accustomed to the unique obstacles of the desert and have extensive medical training as Medics, Nurses, Wilderness First Responders, and NOLS educators. SGA provides transportation, hiking poles, water, first aid, and sunscreen. Guests are advised to bring their own personal hiking hydration packs, hats, sunglasses, appropriate hiking footwear.


Hiking for 1-2 guests Half Day (4 Hours)             $150 / per person

Hiking for 3-10 guests Half Day (4 Hours)          $125 / per person

Corporate/Large Group rates available upon request.

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