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Because of our years of experience and medical training, we ensure you will enjoy your chosen activity without NO Worries. Safe adventures are our priority.


Our local guides have extensive experience and training on Tucson's trail systems and ecology. From flora and fauna to local history and field sciences, our guides can provide insight and show you what makes this area unique.


If you don't see exactly what you'd like to do from our activities list, please ask. We can and will adapt to whatever you would like to try and accomplish. We understand the need to be flexible in our offerings to ensure you have a positive experience.



Each guided outing is essentially tailored to your abilities. We will do everything we can to make sure you do not get over your head in whatever activity you choose to do.  We will respond to your needs, making sure you are happy and safe, and always have a backup plan.


We are responsible to you, your safety, and to the environment. To sustain healthy and vibrant natural lands, we observe leave no trace outdoor ethics. From punctuality to being as green as possible, it all matters to us. 


We have all the proper equipment that you will need for your adventure.  All hiking and biking equipment receives professional maintenance and your guides have all the knowledge to make the proper adjustments and repairs you may need on the trail.

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