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Shake Shack Managers managing the Tucson Heat

Updated: May 31, 2022

A group of Shake Shack managers, from NY and New Jersey, hiking Pontatoc Ridge. It was hot but we had plenty of water. They had a great experience, unique for them.

The Pontatac Ridge trail starts level but then has a steady climb to the ridge. The group found the climb a challenge but made it. As they hiked along the ridge they got a great view of the canyon below and the Tucson valley.

The group stopped at the ledge pictured above and regrouped. They had a terrific view of the mountain ranges around Tucson and Tucson itself. Out guides spent some time giving them the history of Tucson and information about the mountains and the terrain of the Sonoran desert.

The climb down went smoothly and quicker than the hike up. Everyone was glad to reach the air conditioned bus.

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