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Feeling stuck inside with no freedom? Your kids in need of a safe and fun environment to exercise, play and learn.


Southwest Guided Adventures is starting an outdoor adventure camp for ages 11-15. The program offers wilderness recreation through hiking and biking, bike maintenance, field science, safety awareness/training, orienteering, and basic survival skills in the local desert environment. Campers will experience improved health and wellness, confidence and self-awareness, and develop a relationship with the local environment and culture. Having fun and developing new friends and relationships is a core value to this camp experience.


The camp is from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm and will meet at local parks and trailheads in the Catalina Foothills (Tuesday/Thursday) and Oro Valley (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) that vary slightly by the days planned activities. A schedule will be provided ahead of each week to coordinate location and planned activity. Campers should dress comfortably with proper footwear for outdoor adventures. We encourage campers to bring their personal equipment, such as MTB and Hydration packs so they can become familiar and customize them to their specific wants and needs. Any diet-specific snacks or medications should be brought as well. SGA will provide basics and equipment such as bikes, water, sunscreen, and snacks. We hope to inspire your kids to love and learn all that the outdoors has to offer, along with developing the skills to be safe and confident as they seek out their own adventures in the future. 

Education and Certifications of Guides and Coaches: Wilderness First Responders, First Aid and CPR, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Army/Navy Veterans, Professional Athletes. 


We are aware of and acknowledge the current pandemic. Attached link to an operating plan, measuring safety requirements 

REGISTER BEFORE October 1s  and get a $50 discount for the first month! 


1st October



2-day camp, Tu,Thr (Catalina Foothills) - $320/monthly

3-day camp, Mo,We,Fr (Oro Valley) - $480/monthly



For more information and registration please write to or call/text 520-296-9661.

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